Thursday, 13 May 2010


artists (instalation, video, digital)

Gerry Shum
Marina Abramovic and Ulay
Chris Bruden

Artist Nam June Paik ( video instalation ) influence research

Artist Bruce Nauman ( influence research) neon lightning.

video link

digital jungle projection.

culture influence ALICE IN WONDERLAND

No limits in creativity.
Warm atmosphere

Space influence

design, crazy, funny, relaxing, warm colours, creatif, futuristic, robotic, typographic. same colour palette.
Charlie and the chocolate factory.

information graphics colour palette

Colour palette research based on key words

key words colour palette.

Avatar Environment Concept Images

James Cameron's Avatar (environment)

Here are some images that I have gathered, to observe the nature of the avatar environment and maybe draw some elements from them. To help with concept developments for the southwark outdoor structures. I personally like the glow effect that the plants shoe, it has a nice illuminating feel to it, which could make for a good mood setting.

May 13th

Hey Guys

It was good to chat today to get everything sorted, tomorrow, 14th May, we will have a meeting after Marks class to get the proposal sorted.

We will aim to get as much sorted tomorrow, so that we are prepared for Monday's meeting. If everyone could prepare ideas for tomorrow that would be great. Please feel free to upload any research you find tonight.

As agreed the roles as it stands within the group are as follows:

Andew = Project Manager

Ariel = will take notes and keep photographic evidence of the meetings we hold.

Other roles will be developed as we get under way with the work.

I will email Anton and update him, also will Anastasios to confirm a visit to Southwark College.

Anything else please email me, we can discuss tomorrow all the details in full, thanks very much guys, im looking forward to working with you all.