Friday, 14 May 2010

Meeting 14th of May 2010

During the meeting we went through the following subjects regarding the project brief:
  • Concept themes
  • Visual concepts
  • Issues with brief specification
  • concepts based on inspiring creativity
  • Individual group jobs (Research, concept development, southwark photography)

We also dicussed using light and sound as a concept to interpet creative individuality tp inspire students creative thinking. (Chris Best)


Can you please Make sure that you follow the blog with your university email account (pavel??)
And could you please reference any images, etc you use by using the Harvard system method

Visit to southwark college

Hey guys, further to my email, I'm just reminding everyone that we are meeting at Southwark college on Tuesday morning at 10:30, I hope everyone will be there, any questions please just ask. Andy

The Brief

Our brief was more an architecture or exterior design brief. Two of them took me up on the offer and between us we came up with what I think is an excellent solution that uses what i was talking about in the afternoon about the need to think differently and provide learners with the sort of environment that encourages creative individuality. So we came up with the idea of using multi media to redesign the college as a fantastic creative learning environment.


Decode was a great Exhibition, I think we should use it as a good starting point for our ideas and designs.

London Design Guide [2010] London Design Guide, [online]
[Available] [13/10/2010]
Blogspot [2010] James Frost Imagery [online]
[Available],.jpg [13/10/2010]
Flickr[2010] Flickr Image blog, [online]
[Available] [13/10/2010]

The cursing stone in Carlisle, is a great example of landscape design, mixed with graphic design. Why Not Associates

Why Not Associates [2010] Carlisle The Cursing Stone [online],
Available: [13/05/2010]
Blackpool climbing tower, the tower is Typographic, and they have to climb it....awesome! Why Not Associates

Why Not Associates [2010] Blackpool Climbing Towers [online],
Available: [13/05/2010]
Why Not Associates with another installation, we could easily incorporate typography into our environment. Why Not Associates

Why Not Associates [2010] I Wish Installation, Brunel Academy [online],
Available: [13/05/2010]

Here are images i have taken from a sculpture installation with Why Not Associates. The artist is called Gordon Young, here's his site. Gordon Young

Young, G [2009] Typographic Trees/Crawley Library 2009 [online],
Available: [13/05/2010]