Sunday, 6 June 2010

Letter V

I was thinking back to when we asked the students how they felt when they first started college and how they had to teach themselves the area and teach themselves how to get around without any signage, so i thought with the letter v, we could make it be roughly 4 to 5 foot tall, and on the top of the letter V we could have a mini map of the college buildings and how to get around, with the print being engraved into the V shape. The top of the v , will be completely flat and shaped like a triangle.
The shape as a whole will be like an upside down pyramid, the sides instead of using triangles will be v shapes (because the letter v is very similarly shaped like a triangle). So basically there will be 3 V's to make up this pyramid and a triangle on top to create the flat surface for the map.

Letter 'r' i tried to create a letter r that looked like a countr. For example the way italy has been described as looking like a boot, i tried to rotate the africa (themap) and add an extra bit to the top left corner in order to look more like a small caps r, but i wasnt really sure if it was strong enough for people to realize it was an 'R' so i added the letter in inside the map, to try and add extra understanding to the students/audience.

Letter Y

Basically the bench will be shaped in the shape of a small caps 'Y', when viewed from straight on. The tail of the letter y will be used as a seat and will be cushioned with material similar to the feeling of a car seat or pillows.

letter g visual (sketch)

this letter can be on a blcak BG or white BG.
Type Bodonie, best shape typo for the earth.