Sunday, 16 May 2010

Meeting 16 of May 2010

In today's meeting we discussed:
  • A development of the initial ideas
  • The concept of having a place for both relaxation and creativity
  • Our proposals for this project
  • Preparation for the presentation

Further Ideas

I have worked on this Neon box idea, much like Dee's research, i suggest this would be a chill outplace where the lights and colours change slowly, much like the chill out room at the O2.

This would be like these examples below.

Sensory Bedroom.

Trip Advisor [2010] Pictures of Qbic Hotel Amsterdam [online]

The Chill Out Room at the O2 Arena London.

OR Consulting Engineers [2010] Chill Out Zone at The O2 Arena [online]


I thought it would be a good idea to have some sort of area outdoors where the students can come together in groups to study or just to have fun, sort of like an outdoor communal area. So i took a trip back to my previous university to take some pictures of these tents, which could be put in multiple different areas of the open space, whats even better is that the students are also capable of moving them to their own desired location within the open space because the tents are filled with air and are very light and they also keep sound locked in somehow, people would still be able to hear the sounds such as music playing, but it is kept down to a minimum. I think we could even have muliple colours of tents displayed, to make the appear vibrant and "warm"


Here is just another quick light test. One of the Key words that they gave us was "Warm". Here i am trying to make the dark winter days a bit warmer with what could be "light up sculptures" that could be placed around the college. but so as not to give the whole place an "angry" look (because of the almost red glow") i added light blue sculptures to even up the mood.

Research on interactive surfaces

Here are some very interesting videos that i found, something similar to what we were talking about in the meeting regarding a "light up" floor.

Environment Concepts

These are some quick tests i did for a "chill-out" sitting area. Since the Southwark students mentioned that they would like the place to look more interesting in winter, when it gets dark really early in the day, it would be "cool" to have a design that glows when it gets dark. This was in a way inspired by one of the key words that they gave us, "Avatar".

[IMPORTANT] Brand awareness

Click on it and learn about it carefully.

[PLEASE READ] A bit about the college

The main goal at Southwark College is to make student's learning enriching and enjoyable. Learners come from a variety of backgrounds and ages. Bermondsey Campus has a theatre, sports' hall, dance studio, recording studio, multi-gym and a nursery for 2-5 year olds.

Courses taught at Bermondsey:
Access to Information Technology, Art & Design, Childcare, Counselling, Customer Service, Electronics & Engineering, Health and Social Care, Hospitality and Catering, Information Technology, Students with Learning Difficulties/Disabilities, Media, Music, Performing Arts, Sports.

Listed below are some of the many clubs/activities that are available for all learners at Southwark College:
Common room games and playstation, Basketball, Board games, End of term events and parties, Trips, Street dancing classes, Equality and Diversity events to celebration different cultures etc.