Saturday, 15 May 2010

Concept Research for Southwark Environment

I have gathered a selection of images displaying specific objects, that I found visually interesting. I think they show strong elements that could be used to generate some good conceptual work. For the Southwark environment, the idea is expected to be based around the film Avatar. This is why I have focused on objects that are organic and futuristic.


1) Glass Plates - This image I thought showed an interest layout structure, with the shape of the plates. Which I think gives it a Sci-Fi theme, in terms of the structure of a flying saucer.

Below are the concepts I developed based on this image, which spread out into other genres such as; music and technical patterns.

The main idea for these concepts is to create an environment that shows two sides of itself from different perspectives. Where it would look ordinary from a front view, but change drastically from observing it at a bird-eye view.

Concept 1


2) Pole Lights - I liked the idea of having light being contained in the shape of an organic object, which is why I found this image to be illuminating. Based on how the objects blend in with the evironment (trees), I think it works on many levels.

The concept that I sketched is to do with space in certain environments, so that the size of the design structure won't just fit into the environment, but also blend in with the surroundings.

Concept 2

3) Tree Machete - This design I liked it's shape, because it resembles a tree portraying organic features. I also like the spacing that it has inbetween the structure.

From that concept I thought it would benifit students to have a shared space, that is individually sperated at the same time.

Which is what my concept below depicts, using cubicle objects for students to sit down on.


Concept 3

4) Battery Grenade - When I first took a look at this image the first thing I thought was 'explosive energy'. Which is the kind of enivironment that we are looking to construct, which will inpsire students creatively and enable them to think more extensively.

One of the concepts below is a battery capsule, desined for students to either chill or produce some ideas in. The idea is for the surroundings to help them channel their creative energy, to produce good ideas as well as to relax in.


Concept 4


5) Death Star Structure - Here is an image depicting an orb - like form of the star wars 'Death Star'.
I chose this image, because it has a strong shape. That I thought could be a useful concept for an outdoor area, for students to find composure and space to think.

My concepts are focused around object spheres, that are contructed in variable size for individuals or group numbers. For instance people who want their own space, and groups that need an area to gather their thought together.

Concept 5


6) Lego - lution - This image I found inventive on how the designer used the concept of lego and fused it with evolution. What I like about this image the most is the simplicity of it, which makes the idea itself able to expand into many other directions.

From this idea I have based my concepts around evolution and plan to use a simple element that portrays, a wide range of creative potential.

One of the ideas I had was a Tadpole/Seaman, which could be used as a thinking cacoon for students to generate ideas.
I thought that since it is the most basic stage of human evoltuion. that it would remind students of the amount of potentail that they pocess.

Concept 6

7) Armadillo Lizard - In one of my previous projects I produced a particular design structure based on the exterior of the armadillo lizard. I thought that this could be useful for another outdoor shelterfor students.

Below is the image of the armadillo structure from the design in communication project.


Paper Model

Concept 7

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