Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Conceptual Ideas - Some Ideas that i had

Hi guys am finally up and running on the website after a long time, sorry for this, i was experiencing difficulties with registering as author.

Here are some of my 3D Conceptual Ideas

This was a sitting area that i had in mind, something where the students can chill out, of course its missing more concept and more creativity but it could be something that could be improved. I done this because of what the clients mentioned "shapes and warm Feel". Which is what i believe i have achieved with this idea.

This was on of my other ideas, Net beds hanging from the Palm tree trunk to comfortable sofas! this is just an conceptual idea i had in my mind, i think that more ideas could be implemented to this idea, such as having plasma screens hagging from the tree and big directional speakers in the back of the seats.

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