Sunday, 30 May 2010

Letter E

Ok ive tried to make this object look like an 'E', i need feedback on if you guys reckon it would be recognizable if you where never told it was meant to be the letter E.
The letter E basically when looking from the side of the E, it looks like straight lines, because each time the lines overlap the lines shift to form another level of depth, (which im sure makes no sense, lol), this is because if it would look too basic and too thin if looked at from a side angle, so from the side it basically looks like coils or a a stretched out slinky(i hope thats put an image in your heads). When looking from the front it would obviously have to look like an E. Ill try and upload an example photo of what i mean if i can find something similar for when the object is viewed from a side angle. Hope no one got a headache after reading that.

1 comment:

  1. take the staple pin, bend it in 'e' shape and take a good pictures. ;)