Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Visit to Southwark College (Bermondsey)

During our visit to the Southwark College (18/05/2010), we observed the basic environment that the students had as their outside area. Which was very dry with dead plants and had alot of space but wasn't used effectively. We would find students sitting on the stair cases in the college buildings on a hot day, which shows that their current environment doesn't live up to their basic needs or brief specifications. It also sets a bad standard for the college's visual presentation, because the building interior was well designed making the outside appear less attractive and rarely used.

Below are lists of comments from the southwark students about our dome concept and what could be added. Also opinions on the underground concept:

Dome Concept Student comments
  • dome could be more natural looking
  • the shape might cause a problem for people with a phobea
  • there could be seats that people sit on and can swing from at the same time
  • slides could be added to the physical structure

Underrground Concept Student comments

  • Don't want it so exposed, where it has every window looking down at it
  • open sky is suggestable more of a sheltered structure

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