Tuesday, 1 June 2010


i suggest u give me feedback and suggestions about the colors of the letters


  1. i thought the I in the first picture was suppose to have the pictogramme shape that's why i ve done it.i suggest a bit of green on the black letters, and i suggest to get ride of the grey letters would be better if we put some natural salamander colour like the early butterfly.

  2. — fuk, have u read the paper? ur mirror 'i' will go where????????? right, it will go to the first yard word 'everything'.
    — letters are not grey, but white, because they are waiting for ur EXACT feedback.
    — if u mean the word 'real' they CANNOT be painted into 'salamander colour like the early butterfly' just because they are nothing to do with the NATURE. read the paper, and stop SPAMMING! wake up, focus

  3. You could add a camellion sort of effect to the 'R' to make it blend in with the brick wall.

  4. For the 'E' if the students are to sit on it, you could try adding some padding, to make it look more comfortable.