Monday, 17 May 2010

Meeting 16th May 2010

During the meeting we also ran through some new ideas, so we would have something more solid to present to our clients. We thought of using futuristic shapes (sphere) for the environment, to give it a fresher and more up to date look. Also elements from the Avatar fiolm was digust to be incorperated, based on the clients requirements. For the Southwark College we planned on taking anoth photos of the space, that we have to work with on the tuesday tour with Anastasios (YDP Manager).
With the new ideas that we had come up with, we took the capacity of how many students it will be able to fit into consideration.
The new concept that we generated is basically a giant spherical dome, where students came come in groups or as individuals to relax in an educated environment. The structure was to interpret a primary dome that has a link to seperate miniature domes. The primary dome was to have the key feature of a 360 degree screen, accessible for hard drives, laptops, CDs etc.

When it came to producing the proposal these were the aspects that we look at:
  • Executive Summary - Analysis of Southwark College background information
  • Current Situation - The condition of the college
  • Target Audience - Focusing on a wide range of students and college visitors (from 16+)
  • Project Goals - Create a new interest for students and give them a more relaxing environment to learn in as well
  • Executive Summary - How we will be producing this
  • Creative Strategy - What methods are we using to execute the concepts

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