Monday, 17 May 2010

Presentation of Ideas

Today we met with our client, Southwark college. We presented our ideas and concepts to them in order to give them an insight into what direction we were heading in and whether they agreed with our plans for their college's outdoor open space.

Once done with the presenting, we sat down with the Southwark college students and discussed what route to take, based on the presentation they had just viewed. Some found our ideas of the sphere very interesting, whilst some others couldnt see the reason for having a sphere and the fact that the sphere would feel like they were indoors.

We gained positive and some negative feedback, but overall very helpful feedback on where to go next with this project, we took from the meeting that we need to incorporate more graphics, such as signage into the open space instead of trying to be architects and we also learned we needed to make the overall space more "creative".

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